Fabulous French Wine at Johnnie Ganem's in Savannah, GA

Rarely do I have the privilege of getting three new French wines in from the same area and getting as excited as I am over them, especially considering the price!! From the Loire Valley, noted winemaker Thierry Germain brings us "L'insolite" from Saumur. This wine is 100% Chenin Blanc with a gorgeous fruit profile of melon, honeycomb, and quince, finishing bone-dry with stony minerality and bracing acidity ($26.99). Also try Thierry's brother's (Alain) estate up river in Anjou called Chateau de la Roulerie. His 2008 Chenin Sec is similar in style to the Saumur, though slightly less fruit-driven, but even more minerality... a perfect shellfish wine at only $17.99!! And last but not least, the MOST unusual red I have had the pleasure to blind taste, called simply "KO" from Touraine. After guessing incorrectly not once, but TWICE, this full-bodied, dark- fruit style wine was finally revealed as Cot, a grape varietal known in the Loire as none other than Malbec. But don't be fooled.. this wine is NOTHING like the fruity new-world style counterparts from Mendoza. Lots of minerality and well-integrated tannins make this wine a natural choice for braised lamb shanks at a stunningly great price of $17.99!! "IN COT WE TRUST" indeed!!
Check back next week for more specials and wine updates!!
The JG wine Guy